The Role of NDR in Your Security Strategy

Five Capabilities to Seek in an NDR Platform

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions continually ingest, monitor and analyze network data and traffic to identify advanced cyber threats that have been designed to evade detection by EDR and SIEM solutions.
Early adopters have found that NDR confers important capabilities and benefits that their EDR and SIEM solutions simply aren’t built to provide. They’ve also come to learn that the network–not logs or endpoints–is the highest fidelity data source for early threat detection.
  • Discover the threat detection, investigation and forensics capabilities that NDR provides and that go above and beyond the features of EDR and SIEM.
  • Explore five essential capabilities you should seek in an NDR solution that will help you gain full value from your investment.
  • Get a shortlist of questions to ask vendors to determine whether they really offer required capabilities.