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Achieve pervasive monitoring at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives.



ExtraHop and Big Switch have partnered to deliver a scalable, cost-effective solution for all IT teams to gain deep visibility into their data in flight. The joint solution combines ExtraHop's stream analytics capabilities with an SDN-powered Big Monitoring Fabric built with open networking switches, to offer unparalleled visibility into all network activity at a fraction of the cost of traditional box-by-box alternatives.

Analysis Throughout The Enterprise

With the Big Monitoring Fabric, IT organizations can forward traffic from throughout the enterprise to the ExtraHop platform for analysis. This joint solution makes it possible to perform in-depth L2-L7 analysis on all data in flight for improved performance monitoring, troubleshooting, threat detection, incident response, and business analytics.

Thousands of 1G/10G/40G/100G ports can be connected to the Big Monitoring Fabric, and tapped traffic from any port can be automatically directed to ExtraHop for analysis, thus providing broad and on-demand application analytics. This also allows for all the tools to be co-located centrally in a single administrative domain thus accelerating deployment and enabling rapid change management.

The solution provides the ability for multiple administrators (SecOps, IT Ops, DevOps) to monitor the same traffic by having it delivered simultaneously to multiple devices. Each of these administrators act as a tenant in the system with ownership of their respective tools, and can securely define policies through BMF Controller's role-based access control (RBAC) capability.

Monitored traffic is steered from a single, centralized management pane (GUI, CLI or REST APIs). Even when more switches or policies or tenants are added to the fabric, operational overhead of managing the fabric is negligible. With robust REST API capabilities in the BMF controller and the ExtraHop platform, policies can also be changed programmatically in real-time in response to a specific trigger.

The Big Monitoring Fabric solution has Big Switch's Switch Light OS running on open networking switches that are managed by an SDN controller to form a scale-out fabric for monitoring. This disaggregation of hardware and software allows significant cost reduction and hardware vendor choice compared to proprietary NPB solutions. Consequently, for the same budget, customers are able to significantly broaden the visibility of their ExtraHop deployment.

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Key Features

Deep analytics for all of your data in flight

Flexible, scale-out deployment and Multi-tenant tool and tap sharing

Operational agility with centralized programmability

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When managing a complex, multi-tier application, you could spend a lifetime tweaking and never get to the root cause of the problem. ExtraHop tells us not only where the problem is occurring, but why it's occurring.

Bobby Addison
CTO, Digichart

Efficient, Comprehensive Monitoring

Big Switch Networks is the market leader in bringing hyperscale data center networking technologies to a broader audience. The company is taking three key hyperscale technologies—OEM/ODM bare metal and open Ethernet switch hardware, sophisticated SDN control software, and core-and-pod data center designs—and leveraging them in fit-for-purpose products designed for use in enterprises, cloud providers and service providers.

Big Monitoring Fabric delivers the most important portions of the TAPped and SPANed traffic to the ExtraHop application performance-monitoring platform driven by user-configured policies to ensure efficient, comprehensive monitoring and detailed analytics. Combining SDN-driven policies from Big Switch and ExtraHop's proactive monitoring and remediation, customers can gain the optimal application experience and business efficiency.

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