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Palo Alto Networks

  • Automated Threat Response
  • Remediation at Scale
  • Hardened Attack Surface

Automated remediation at scale

ExtraHop Reveal(x) integrates with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls, the Panorama management app, and Cortex XSOAR to arm your SecOps team with a powerful arsenal of detection, triggers, and automated remediation so you can confidently secure the perimeter and all lateral network traffic against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Integration Overview


Network Intelligence for Next-Gen Defenses

Network detection and response (NDR) from Reveal(x) 360 illuminates the east-west corridor where advanced and encrypted threats can dwell unnoticed. This expanded network intelligence provides real-time detection of post-compromise activities like lateral movement, allowing users to precisely target remediations with automated workflows across Palo Alto Networks solutions, including NGFWs, Panorama, and Cortex XSOAR.

Automated Response

High-fidelity wire data provides broad visibility and detection so analysts can confidently automate NGFW policies or Cortex XSOAR playbooks to contain threats.

Remediation at Scale

Perform packet collection and analysis at up to 100gbps, and send quarantine requests to Panorama or automatically push the updates to groups of managed firewalls.

Complete Visibility

Reveal(x) enables real-time visibility for up to 100,000 endpoints, automatically discovering, classifying, and mapping every asset, device, and user in your environment.

Hardened Attack Surface

Real-time visibility goes beyond alerts to provide behavioral analytics, breach detection, and automated investigation.

The Highest-fidelity Network Intelligence

Enrich Cortex XSOAR with the highest quality data with little effort, including detection and device data, metrics, and packet capture (PCAP).

Major Coverage of MITRE ATT&CK

ExtraHop covers more network-addressable MITRE ATT&CK techniques than any other NDR product.