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Reveal(x) 360

Defense Designed for Advanced Threats

Security Uncompromised

Reveal(x) 360 provides frictionless security that can't be undermined, outsmarted, or compromised. Key features include:

  • SaaS-based to deploy quickly and significantly reduce management burden

  • Single pane of glass for unified visibility, threat detection, and response across multicloud and hybrid environments

  • Cloud-hosted record store with 90 days of lookback

  • Intuitive investigation workflow helps users go from detection to forensics in clicks

Always-On Incident Response

The new realities of cloud and hybrid security in a post-compromise world prove the value of always-on incident response and forensics. Attacks evolve daily, and the number of advanced threats security teams must confront continues to rise.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 brings the power of network packets to cloud and hybrid security, helping organizations detect advanced threats and respond to breaches up to 84% faster. With Reveal(x) 360, security teams can see every device, every workload, every user, everywhere—and detect and respond to threats anywhere—from a single management pane.

Comparing Reveal(x) 360
to ExtraHop Packet Basics

Reveal(x) 360 provides an expanded suite of security capabilities and cloud-hosted services not available in ExtraHop Packet Basics. Use the chart below to compare.

Features Reveal(x) 360 ExtraHop Packet Basics
Event-driven Incident Response
Always-on Incident Response
Advanced Threat Detection
Global Threat Intelligence
Cloud-Scale ML Analysis
ExtraHop-managed Record Store with 90-day Lookback
One-Click Investigation
Decryption & Decoding
Identity & Access Management
Cybersecurity Services
Threat Hunting
Dependency Mapping
Inventory & Configuration
Control plane for unified security (hybrid and multicloud)
Asset & User Discovery
Integrates with SIEM, SOAR, EDR, NAC
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