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  • Security Operations

  • Cloud-Native Security

  • Application Analytics

  • Network Performance


Add comprehensive enterprise visibility and real-time threat detection to Open Threat Exchange (OTX) for faster, richer threat intelligence.


Combine real-time analytics from ExtraHop with Anomali's Threat Intelligence Aggregation service for proactive security awareness.


Use Ansible to automate ExtraHop's software tap deployment across newly deployed resources in your cloud environment.


Easily automate visibility into cloud resources using Chef and ExtraHop.


Use Puppet to automatically deploy ExtraHop's software tap across new resources in your cloud environment.


Add ExtraHop performance and security anomalies to your Slack channel to streamline your information flow.

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We believe the future of IT lies in strong technical integrations that make use of all four data sources crucial to Open IT Operational Architecture. Want to join us?

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