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Accelerate deployment and readiness

Operationalization services cover the first phase of our engagement. Here your project team that includes a Project Coordinator, Solutions Architect, Practice Manager, and Trainer are introduced. In this phase we focus on understanding your requirements, desired outcomes, timelines, resources, and priorities.

A detailed implementation project plan and customer journey map is then developed. The customer journey map is a strategic document that outlines the immediate and longer-term services that will best achieve your objectives and desired outcomes.

One of the key aspects of the operationalization phase is to set the foundation for complete visibility into your organization. Therefore, we confirm source targets and data feeds that will be configured. These can include:

  • Data centers or cloud infrastructure
  • Production or warehouse locations
  • Retail locations
  • Office locations
  • Equipment (e.g., medical, manufacturing, PoS)
  • Devices
  • Enterprise IoT
  • Applications and databases
  • Network: East/West, Ingress/Egress
  • Digital supply chains

At the conclusion of this engagement, your solution will be deployed, datafeeds connected, initial configurations complete, and systems ready for use.

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The ExtraHop professional services team has helped us understand a lot more of the incoming data, and how to present the ExtraHop application to our internal groups. So far, everyone has been extremely impressed with the tool. We have plans to continue expansion.

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Global Financial Technology Services Organization