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PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is increasingly complex and costly. Our Solutions Architects are experts in PCI assessment, keeping your organization in compliance and helping to avoid costly breaches.

The growing number of controls in the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) are increasing the costs of compliance. At the same time the frequency and severity of payment security breaches has driven up fines for noncompliance. For companies that suffer a breach, the financial consequences are even greater, and include both recovery costs as well as breach-associated penalties.

Let ExtraHop help your organization eliminate penalties, reduce audit costs, and help protect against a breach with a comprehensive assessment of your organization's compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard. Our solutions architects work with your team to conduct a full compliance review:

  • Identify cardholder data sent in cleartext
  • Upgrade weak encryption
  • Eliminate data leakage out of the Cardholder Data Environment
  • Enforce Entry Group boundaries with strong network segmentation
  • Support audits with reports on out-of-compliance transactions and devices

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