ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360
Cloud Security Solution

Cloud Security Without Friction

Your cloud security team is under siege. With complete visibility, AI-powered advanced threat detection, and intelligent response capabilities from ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360, they can take the fight to attackers.

98% of enterprises
have contended with a cloud security breach
in the last 18 months


Cloud Security is Business Assurance

Cloud is where your business operates, where it innovates, how it enables employees, and how it connects with customers. Adversaries know this, and that's why attacks against cloud assets in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments are increasing. With Reveal(x) 360, you can mitigate the blast radius of advanced threats like ransomware and supply chain attacks with unified security across multicloud and hybrid environments in a single management pane.

Cloud diagram
Cloud icon inside of a compass rose with the east and west arrows in the color red

East-West Visibility Is Post-Compromise Security

Shifting left with secure code offers a great first line of defense in the cloud, but it doesn't eliminate monitoring blindspots in the east-west corridor. Reveal(x) 360 lights up the east-west corridor and discovers post-compromise behaviors like lateral movement to help keep your cloud secure.

Gray and red radar icon

Real-Time Cloud Threat Detection at Scale

Even the most sophisticated attackers leave clues, but not every security tool can detect them. By combining AI-powered analysis with global threat intelligence gathered daily, Reveal(x) 360 detects advanced threats in both real time and in your past records, helping you respond with speed and confidence.

A cloud icon inside of a circle with six red dots around the perimeter

Unified Security in a Single Cloud-Native Platform

SaaS. PaaS. IaaS. Your business covers every part of the cloud. Your security should too. Cloud-native security provides deep and continuous visibility across every cloud workload without impacting development workflows, helping you stop breaches, not business.

Cloud Security

Get the Most Coverage for the Smallest Tooling Footprint

Reveal(x) 360 unifies security across containers and orchestration services with AI-powered peer group analysis to detect advanced threats as they occur in highly dynamic environments.


Microsoft 365

Secure Microsoft 365 with Reveal(x) 360

Detect suspicious user behavior in Microsoft 365 and conduct end-to-end investigations with rich contextual data and decrypted forensic evidence with 90 days of lookback. Reveal(x) 360 correlates risk with threat detections across SaaS, IaaS, and Paas in your hybrid environment to help you stop threats faster.