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Shifts toward remote work accelerated demand for cloud-based architectures. Go where your business needs demand, without compromising on security.

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Frictionless Security Across Workloads

Every cloud service provider (CSP) wants to provide the only public cloud organizations use, but the reality is that 98% of companies expect to use multiple public clouds. The reasons why are as varied as the organizations that opt for a multicloud strategy. Some want to take advantage of what each CSP does best, while others view multicloud as the best way to increase their options and negotiating power while reducing organizational risk.

Although the benefits of multicloud are apparent, so are the challenges. How can you confidently monitor every workload across every cloud, datacenter, and remote site? By taking a cloud-native approach to security.

Reveal(x) 360 is the only truly SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) solution that provides unified security across hybrid and multicloud environments. By leveraging integrations with network traffic packet mirroring features from AWS and Google Cloud, as well as the announced Azure vTAP, ExtraHop provides 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence without friction, and immediate value with a low management burden.


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Gain visibility across multicloud environments without the gaps left by logs or the complexity of deploying agents on every asset you need to monitor.

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degree visibility

Quickly identify the advanced threats and lateral movement other tools miss with AI-powered behavioral analysis and rules-based detections.



Pivot from detection to forensic evidence in clicks. Speed mitigation and response through integrations with AWS security tools and partnerships with CrowdStrike and more.

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ExtraHop allowed me to work natively with my platforms. That's critical, rather than having other third-party add-ons or agents that you have to plug in.


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