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Maintain Uptime, Monitor Usage, & Defend Against Cyberattacks

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Many organizations have been transitioning to a partially remote workforce for years, but the rapid spread of the pandemic COVID-19 has forced a shift to remote access on a massive scale. IT and security teams must now ensure that critical systems remain available under unprecedented demand, as well as defend those same systems against hackers ready to prey on a huge increase in unsecured devices. There's no single solution, but there are ways to ease the burden. By prioritizing collaboration, visibility, and automated investigation and response, you can reduce friction between teams and stabilize your footing in this new reality.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) helps enterprises of all sizes manage and secure remote access through network detection and response (NDR). With unified visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures and advanced machine learning that ensures accurate, actionable detections, Reveal(x) makes it easy for teams like yours to do the following and more:

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Solve Remote Access and VPN Issues

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Correlate Performance Across Tiers

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Enforce Remote Access Tool Policies

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Understand Resource Utilization

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Spot and Investigate Suspicious Logins

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Monitor and Secure Active Directory

How to Solve Remote Access Challenges with NDR

Video Series

Watch the video series to learn how to use network detection and response to easily monitor VPN, track TCP metrics for remote connections, maintain Citrix server uptime, and more.

Dashboard Bundle

ExtraHop customers can install the dashboard bundle shown in the tutorials above by visiting the Solution Bundle Library. Simply log in, download the bundle, and instantly gain actionable visibility into remote and distributed workforces.

Maintain Uptime, Monitor Resources, & Defend Against Cyberattacks

While ExtraHop Reveal(x) can help you solve a lot of the technological problems associated with remote access and distributed workforces, there are cultural shifts at play as well. It's more important than ever to value and support the people you work with in order to deliver the digital experiences your customers need to feel safe and confident in your business.

One way Reveal(x) can help is by enabling seamless collaboration between teams that have historically clashed or questioned one another's input. We help our customers move beyond the noise of organizational silos and tool sprawl by unifying teams with real-time visibility from the inside out, high-fidelity alerts with built-in context, and frictionless response workflows for performance and security issues.

This core tenet also extends beyond our products. As we all adjust to the global impacts of COVID-19, there will continue to be an enormous amount of noise from vendors, industry news outlets, and more. ExtraHop is here to help. We have vetted advisory resources and how-to guides, and then provided them to you for free, without a form-fill or sales followup. We hope the following resources are helpful for you and your team:

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