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Network Intelligence for a Smarter SOAR

  • Accelerate security operations.
  • Gain greater, more reliable threat context.
  • Enable faster investigations and more effective decisions.
  • Maximize your existing security investments.

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Automate with Confidence

By integrating Splunk SOAR with ExtraHop, you can expand visibility with packet-level insights from IoT to the cloud. By adding Reveal(x), you gain the ability to discover and identify every host that talks on the network, including unmanaged devices and legacy systems.

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Fuel more accurate SOAR playbooks with network intelligence

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Network Intelligence for a Smarter SOAR

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platforms offer the promise of automating frustrating SOC tasks and streamlining complex workflows. But without holistic, insightful data, the value from SOAR can be limited.

Deep network insights from ExtraHop Reveal(x) allow the right data feed to your SOAR for faster, more accurate detections.

The Highest-fidelity Network Intelligence

Enrich your SOAR with the highest quality data with little effort, including detection and device data, metrics, and packet capture (PCAP).

Built-in SOAR Playbooks

Automatically detect database exfiltration. Block external access to internal databases. Detect unauthorized DNS servers. Create ServiceNow tickets.

The Latest Threat Intel in Near Real-Time

Detect the latest threats and vulnerabilities with cloud-scale, always-on ML models.

Deep Forensics at Scale

Automatically discover and classify every host that talks on the network. Drill down from high-level metrics to precise network packets.

Detect Threats in Encrypted Traffic

Detect threats such as SQL injection or a Golden Ticket attack, without putting any sensitive data at risk. Apply ML-powered behavioral analysis to all network traffic in flight with SSL/TLS decryption.

Major Coverage of MITRE ATT&CK

ExtraHop covers more network-addressable MITRE ATT&CK techniques than any other NDR product.

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Together, ExtraHop and Splunk significantly increase the visibility we have into our environment, and the integration between products reduces the amount of time it takes our analysts to address security threats.

Dan White, Network Engineering Manager at Ketchikan Public Utilities