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  • Detect network attacks.
  • Correlate threat intelligence and forensics.
  • Auto-contain impacted endpoints.
  • Inventory unmanaged devices and IoT.

Reveal then Strike

ExtraHop and CrowdStrike together provide full-coverage security for when seconds matter. Inventory all IoT and unmanaged devices. Detect network and endpoint attack behaviors. Correlate threat intelligence. Automatically quarantine impacted devices to stop breaches faster.

Integration Overview


Push Button Response

XDR Gets Real

Integrate NDR with EDR
to Stop Breaches Faster

Cloud security teams are under siege. Adversaries outnumber analysts, and prevention tools can't prevent every advanced threat like ransomware or software supply chain attacks at the perimeter. Your team needs a way to stop attacks from the inside. Reveal(x) 360 cloud threat defense lights up the east-west corridor where threats hide after slipping past perimeter tools. Armed with expanded visibility and real-time detection of post-compromise activities like lateral movement, you can stop advanced threats before they become breaches.

Push-Button Response

Trigger the Falcon Agent to quarantine threatened or compromised hosts with a single click inside the Reveal(x) interface.

Respond in Real Time

Auto-contain network-based threats, including ransomware, command & control behavior, unauthorized data movement and remote access patterns, data exfiltration, credential abuse, and many others.

Correlate Detections

Correlate Reveal(x) 360 detections with threat intelligence from Falcon Intelligence for fast, seamless IOC investigation.

Endpoint Forensics

Correlate network and endpoint attack details and forensics for full-coverage detection, investigation, and response.

Continuous Agent Inventory

Discover and identify all devices on the network, and identify those that are not yet instrumented with the CrowdStrike Falcon Agent.

Deeper Analysis

Provide tools for deeper analysis by enriching log data in LogScale with network telemetry.

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Our tight partnership and breadth of integration with ExtraHop helps to unify security telemetry across network and endpoints, providing customers with enhanced detection and response capabilities to stop advanced threats faster.

Geoff Swaine, VP of Global Programs, Store, and Alliances at CrowdStrike