On Demand Webinar: Your Network Knows the Truth, Are you Listening?

Elevating XDR workflows with network data to outsmart adversaries

ExtraHop, CrowdStrike, and CDW discuss how to enhance XDR workflows with telemetry from network detection and response (NDR) solutions. Unlike most logs, which contain targeted or curated information, NDR solutions passively observe everything on the network and can instantly detect malicious behavior like lateral movement, command and control activity, and privilege escalation.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the primary functions of NDR solutions, and see how they fit into a typical security stack.
  • See why network data and NDR solutions can be a critical component of XDR workflows, as well as how NDR solutions integrate with Falcon Insight XDR and Falcon LogScale.
  • Examine the most common use cases for NDR solutions, with real-world examples.