XDR Gets Real.

Strategic XDR for Complete Enterprise Intelligence

Integrate best-in-class NDR, EDR, and SIEM to make the
promise of complete coverage from XDR a reality.

Not all XDR is Equal.

XDR as a concept helps organizations streamline their defenses with data from all aspects of their environment. Unfortunately as buzz for the term grows, the definition has become clouded and overhyped by single-vendor solutions that can't live up to XDR's potential.

By implementing XDR as a strategy rather than a single solution, your enterprise gains complete visibility. By adopting integrated solutions that specialize in the best endpoint, log, and network-based intelligence, you gain actionable threat detection and investigation.

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What is Strategic XDR?

An integrated, best-in-class XDR strategy allows security teams to choose the best products for their environment without the fear of vendor lock-in. By integrating the leading endpoint, network, and log-based security solutions, your team can benefit from a streamlined incident response approach and achieve complete end-to-end visibility. ExtraHop works with other leading security solutions to build integrated workflows natively in ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360.

  • Faster mean time to respond
  • Stronger security across the entire attack surface
  • Reduce manual data gathering so analysts can focus on urgent priorities
XDR Pyramid

Integrate best-in-class solutions

How it Works.

When you pursue XDR as a strategy and achieve effective integrations between the foundational data sources of network, endpoints, and logs, you reduce the intelligence gap inside your environment. Attack behavior that may be obscured or entirely absent from one intelligence source becomes clear with correlation. By automating this correlation, you free up analysts to focus on more impactful tasks, leading to faster, more effective threat investigation and response.

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