Integrate NDR and SIEM

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Stop threats earlier by integrating network detection & response (NDR) with security information & event management (SIEM) to achieve security initiatives like zero trust and extended detection and response (XDR).


Learn how Austria's largest power producer integrated NDR & SIEM.

Why Integrate NDR & SIEM?

By integrating ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 NDR with your existing SIEM, you gain greater detection capabilities against unknown threats using advanced evasion tactics and techniques. Reveal(x) discovers and identifies every device to provide an always-current inventory. Reveal(x) also decrypts data to provide instant access to correlated forensics, and works seamlessly with your security orchestration automation and response tool (SOAR) to automate response. ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 delivers answers with a powerful combination of rule- and behavior-based analytics, plus guided investigations that empower tier 1 analysts to perform at the level of tier 3 experts.

Your enterprise is confronted by advanced threats that know how to erase logs and avoid endpoint agents to evade detection. Right now, attackers have the advantage. They hide their tracks in unmonitored traffic, unmanaged devices, and encrypted data while they expand their access, escalate their privileges, and move laterally before ultimately exfiltrating data. By integrating ExtraHop Reveal(x) with your SIEM of choice, you can take the advantage back.

Key Benefits of Integrated NDR and SIEM:

Catch Unknown Threats Faster
Many attack tactics can only be detected on the network. By integrating NDR and SIEM you get greater threat coverage.

Investigate and Respond with Confidence
Correlating network detections with SIEM events enables faster investigation and gives you confidence in your response.

Save Time and Respond Faster
Reveal(x) automatically gathers and correlates relevant details of an attack, reducing manual effort for analysts, and accelerating response time.

Get Complete Visibility & Decryption
Reveal(x) 360 decrypts network traffic for analysis and forensics. Correlate decrypted network forensics from NDR with activity logs from SIEM for richer forensic detail.

Build Security Talent
The rich data and context from NDR allows junior security analysts to rapidly learn and respond with confidence to build your in-house security talent.

Less Noise and Fewer False Positives
Reveal(x) extracts 10x as many details from network traffic compared to other NDR solutions. You get better accuracy with fewer false positives, delivering the most reliable network detections to your SIEM.

Use Cases for Integrated NDR and SIEM

  1. Access Reveal(x) 360 network threat detections in your SIEM UI: For many SOCs, the SIEM is the primary console from which security detections and investigations are conducted. By pulling vital NDR detections in, you get seamless access to more confident detections and forensic details.
  2. Decrypt network traffic for faster detection and instant forensics: Reveal(x) 360 captures and decrypts packets for instant access to forensic details in any investigation. Integrate with SIEM to correlate network forensics with log details for a complete view of the attack campaign.
  3. Achieve greater MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND security coverage: If you want to detect every attacker technique on the MITRE framework, you need NDR in your lineup, and ExtraHop is the only NDR provider listed as a contributor to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Reveal(x) enables many of the security countermeasures listed in MITRE D3FEND.
  4. Gain a passive, always-current inventory of every device: The CIS controls (v8, 2021) recommends a passive asset discovery tool to identify assets connected to the network. Reveal(x) NDR delivers, assuring always-up-to-date inventory and complete monitoring coverage.
  5. Automate Response Actions through SOAR and EDR Partners: Reveal(x) 360 uses robust REST APIs and our OpenDataStream technology to enable turnkey integration with the SOAR and EDR vendor of your choice to enable rapid, automated response to threats, using the technology that best meets your needs.
  6. Audit SIEM and EDR Coverage: Reveal(x) discovers every device and network segment and determines whether or not each asset has an endpoint agent installed or is transmitting logs to a SIEM, helping your SOC achieve and continuously validate total security coverage.

Network Detection & Response:
The Foundation of the Modern SOC

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blind spots

Gain complete visibility of east-west,
north-south, and encrypted traffic.

50% faster

threat detection

Improve analyst efficiency through
investigative workflows with full context.

84% faster

threat resolution

Stop threats before a breach and
automate response workflows

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ExtraHop gives us a holistic view of any situation and the ability to understand how each event impacts all the connected systems. This is a major advantage for us.

Florian-Sebastian Prack
Project Manager SOC and OT Security Specialist, VERBUND

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