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Too many alerts, too many tools, too few people? You're not alone. But accurate, timely, answers about what's happening in your environment can change the game.

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Litehouse Foods Scales Security Operations for Growth with ExtraHop Reveal(x)


Most SecOps teams wield an armada of tools for detecting, investigating, and responding to attacks—but the rapid evolution of threats, fierce competition for cybersecurity talent, and a deluge of false alerts mean that too many organizations still find themselves at a major disadvantage. Enter alert fatigue, low job satisfaction in cybersecurity roles, and an increasing number of battles lost to rapidly evolving ransomware.

Many well-thought-out frameworks help SOCs move past these challenges, such as the Zero Trust model, MITRE ATT&CK adversary tactics and techniques, NIST standards, and CIS controls. These depend on one foundational requirement: accurate, timely answers about what's going on in your environment. ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 delivers those answers with a powerful combination of rule- and behavior-based analytics, with guided investigations that empower tier 1 analysts to perform at the level of tier 3 experts.

Network Detection & Response:
The Foundation of the Modern SOC

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blind spots

Gain complete visibility of east-west,
north-south, encrypted, and past traffic.

50% faster

threat detection

Improve analyst efficiency through
investigative workflows with full context.

84% faster

threat resolution

Stop threats before a breach and
automate response workflows

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Often, teams would spend hours digging into some obscure alert only to find that it wasn't critical. With Reveal(x), the number of false positives has been reduced by 30–50 percent.

Ben Budge
Systems Administrator, Litehouse Foods

Modernize Your
Security Operations

ExtraHop Reveal(x) auto-discovers and classifies every device on the network, then analyzes every transaction. Even PFS-encrypted traffic is no match for the 70+ enterprise protocols Reveal(x) can decode. In a single UI, you'll gain more visibility and higher fidelity insight than any combination of point solutions—and Reveal(x) also fully integrates with SIEM platforms to enrich the insight you already get from logs.

Through robust integrations with orchestration tools like Splunk, Reveal(x) makes it possible to automate beyond the detection and investigation processes: you can also trigger threat response workflows with advanced behavioral analytics that automatically prioritize your most critical assets, keeping your SOC focused and efficient.

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