The Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack, Revealed

Living Off the Land attacks. Hiding in encrypted traffic. Circumventing EDR. Bad actors are finding smarter (and sneakier) ways to launch ransomware attacks, even in today’s most security-savvy enterprises. As ransomware attacks get more complex, how can you adjust your defenses? If you could detect every inflection point of an attack as it unfolded in real time, what would you do differently? And how can network detection and response (NDR) help?

Join network security experts from ExtraHop and guest Forrester as we dissect a real ransomware breach and compare scenarios where increased network visibility can make the difference between a successful breach or a successful defense.

  • Explore how ransomware attacks have evolved and why you need multiple approaches to successfully defend against them.
  • Examine network visibility tools — how they work, what makes them different from perimeter defenses, and the unique advantages they provide.
  • Break down a chain of real threat events, minute-by-minute, using NDR to reveal otherwise undetectable defensive opportunities.