Customer Story

Full Network Visibility and Secure Decryption with ExtraHop

Comprehensive IoT network capacity to protect over 14,000 servers, workstations, and IT devices

Decrypted communication provides detailed information to mitigate advanced threats

Gains insight into infrastructure network activity with updates in real time

The Beginning

Limited visibility into the city's attack surface

It's not easy defending an entire city. With a population of nearly 1.4 million, the City of Dallas oversees the community's infrastructure, which includes police stations, firehouses, libraries, smart parks, and public WIFI, just to name a few. With so many IP addresses, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. ExtraHop provides the City of Dallas with valuable insight into network traffic to keep every user safe from malicious attacks.

The Transformation


Secure Decryption

ExtraHop Reveal(x) allows the City of Dallas to detect and hunt threats in day-to-day activity. When there is a known malicious IP address, or unauthorized access to unencrypted files, they're able to pinpoint the exact location and track unauthorized users and IP addresses.



The City of Dallas Security Operations Center (SOC) team monitors all activity for their security and IT infrastructure. ExtraHop gives them complete network visibility across protected access into the systems that the city maintains, including on-premise and cloud environments.

The Outcome

Complete visibility for day-to-day threat detection

With such a massive network, it can be challenging to keep eyes on everything. Bad actors are constantly searching for new vulnerabilities and weaknesses. ExtraHop gives the City of Dallas the tools to detect and investigate advanced threats with visibility into lateral movement. Major threats like ransomware and supply chain compromises have nowhere to hide.

About the Customer

The City of Dallas employs over 14,000 people across 43 departments. Information & Technology Services (ITS) provides the information technology that enables the programs and operations of City Departments to deliver their respective missions in an efficient, effective, and secure manner through the use of information technology solutions and services.