Customer Story


Beyond a "Relationship" – Healthcare Provider and ExtraHop Team Up for Mutual Success

Single, integrated platform for network performance monitoring and security

Capabilities tailored to the customer's specific needs

A true, strategic partnership that goes beyond the typical vendor-customer relationship

The Beginning

Looking for More Than Another Vendor

A not-for-profit healthcare company that serves more than 2.8 million people is always seeking to expand its offerings and partnerships to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and tailored care to its members. In order to maintain a rigorous standard of care, the company needs a reliable internal network and the ability to detect and stop malicious activity that could disrupt patient care. The company's security team also needs the ability to preserve forensic evidence to satisfy regulatory requirements.

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When a company sits down with another company to understand their pain points, that goes beyond a relationship. That's now a partnership. That's a team.

Vice President
CISO, Healthcare Company

The Transformation

The Beginning of a Partnership

The healthcare company first started working with ExtraHop in 2016, before ExtraHop offered a security product, to help it address some network performance issues. After those initial engagements, ExtraHop asked the customer for feedback on Reveal(x). Their suggestion: it would be great if they could use Reveal(x) for security use cases, too. So ExtraHop sent a few engineers to shadow the customer's IT team to understand how they used Reveal(x) and the pain points they were facing around security.

A few months later, ExtraHop asked them to try out the new security capabilities the research and development team had created. During the first 18 months of the customer's Reveal(x) deployment for security, an ExtraHop engineer embedded with the customer to help tune the platform and get their security team up to speed quickly. For the customer, the R&D and customer support effort from ExtraHop represented the kind of dedication that goes beyond the typical vendor-customer relationship and paved the way for a true, strategic partnership.

The Outcome

Working Together for Mutual Success

The company's vice president and CISO says he was struck by "the team mentality" from ExtraHop. "By taking the time to ask questions and understand our DNA, ExtraHop was able to build something for us, rather than deliver a vanilla, out-of-the-box capability," he says.

Another significant benefit of Reveal(x) is that it allows the healthcare provider to use a single platform for both network performance monitoring and security. This helped distinguish ExtraHop from standalone NPM and network security companies when the customer was evaluating vendors. The CISO says Reveal(x) is a key part of his security team's "secret sauce."

"From my perspective as a CISO, you're always trying to amend, evolve, move your program forward, because everything outside your sphere of control in this volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world requires you to evolve. When you think about your security program, you need to make sure you're accounting for people, processes, and technology. The technology, and even the people part, describes the relationship between us and ExtraHop."

Another reason the company continues to work with ExtraHop is a willingness to help at a moment's notice. Over the years, the customer has reached out to ExtraHop for a "second set of eyes" on several network performance issues. In each instance, ExtraHop engineers quickly pinpointed the source and helped resolve poor performance. This "no questions asked" support was well beyond what the healthcare provider expected of another company, and set ExtraHop apart from the competition.