Customer Story

Maintaining Security and Network Performance While Migrating to the Cloud

Measured the efficiency of tools before and after the migration to the cloud

Made it easy to detect anomalies—from malware to performance issues

Improved communication and relationships between Security and IT teams

The Story

Supporting Physicians with Secure and Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Hill Physicians Medical Group (HPMG) is Northern California's largest network of independent healthcare practitioners, with more than 4,000 primary care physicians and specialists. HPMG's management team was on a quest to move to an exclusively cloud computing model. Their challenge in moving to the cloud was to assure they could both monitor their infrastructure and secure it—without impacting performance and without having to deploy agents. When they began transitioning to cloud in 2012, visibility for both security and performance was a top priority.

Reveal(x) provided value from the moment that it was deployed, immediately exposing malware and performance issues. Visibility across the network enabled security and IT operations to collaborate as one team, improving security and keeping an eye on latency, round-trip times, and potential bottlenecks. As they moved to the cloud, HPMG used Reveal(x) to measure the performance of their vendors before and after migration, helping them to maintain availability and ensure that vendors complied with SLAs.

With the widespread transition to remote work in response to COVID-19, the team was able to respond quickly. The move to cloud allowed their administrative employees to work from home while ensuring availability for those on the healthcare front lines. Reveal(x) helped their team secure and monitor their remote workforce and environment with ease.

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The dependency map really was a "wow" moment for me because it showed me that I could use Reveal(x) to get this information on my own, even if the business or IT user didn't understand the system.

Juan Canales
Senior Manager of Enterprise Security & Architecture, Hill Physicians Medical Group