ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360

Cloud Threat Defense

Complete and Continuous Visibility for AWS

Identify and isolate advanced attacks before they become breaches with layered cloud threat defense for AWS.

Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats
Stop Advanced Threats

From the Inside

Defense in Depth for AWS

Cloud security teams are under siege. Adversaries outnumber analysts, and perimeter-based security controls can't prevent every advanced threat like ransomware or software supply chain attacks at the perimeter—or provide deep visibility into containers. Your team needs a way to stop attacks from the inside. Reveal(x) 360 cloud threat defense lights up the east-west corridor where threats hide after slipping past perimeter tools. Armed with expanded visibility and real-time detection of post-compromise activities like lateral movement, you can stop advanced threats before they become breaches.

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Defend Your Cloud Without Friction

Eliminate Security Slowdowns and Innovate with Speed

Adding agents to cloud workloads requires buy-in from DevOps, which can be a major point of friction for security teams. Plus, it's impossible to deploy an agent on every asset you need to secure, leading to coverage gaps. Reveal(x) 360 deploys without agents and ingests multiple layers of network telemetry, eliminating friction and coverage gaps to speed innovation, digital transformation, and your business.

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The cloud is increasingly seen as another avenue for attack. With ExtraHop's new cloud threat defense capabilities, our security team can use layered threat telemetry to identify and investigate anomalous behaviors and potential threats across our AWS environment all within a single tool.

Ricardo Bauza, Information Technology Security Engineer, MAPCO

A Multi-Layered Approach
to AWS Threat Monitoring

Reveal(x) 360 provides flexible deployment options for threat detection in AWS. Your security team can analyze VPC flow logs for broad coverage and packets for forensic investigation. ExtraHop analyzes all layers of network telemetry with advanced AI to create accurate detections of post-compromise behaviors and high-fidelity alerts with context. Enhanced data visualizations show hot spots of malicious activities in real time, enabling fast response.

The Breadth of
VPC Flow Logs

and the Depth
of Packets

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Reveal(x) 360 for AWS Subscriptions

Reveal(x) 360 offers several subscriptions for multi-layered cloud threat defense in AWS. Every Reveal(x) 360 subscription leverages ExtraHop's secure, cloud-hosted services, AI analysis, and record store for frictionless visibility and investigation. Organizations can purchase the new Reveal(x) 360 Standard subscription for continuous visibility in AWS powered by VPC Flow Logs, or they can combine their subscription with Reveal(x) 360 Premium or Ultra packages for deeper visibility, expanded detections, and enhanced investigation. To view Reveal(x) 360 subscriptions, visit our AWS Marketplace listing.