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Public cloud relies on the "shared responsibility" model, which means that while cloud providers like Azure and AWS will protect the security of the cloud itself, users are responsible for securing their infrastructure within the cloud. While cloud providers offer security monitoring tools, these offer limited use cases and analytics aimed mainly at known threat categories that generally result in a sea of data points that require human interpretation.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) delivers complete visibility across enterprise cloud deployments in AWS or Azure with real-time analytics and machine learning that automatically discovers all cloud instances, detects suspicious traffic patterns across the application payload, and provides one-click investigation for each detection—providing a [cloud security solution](/solutions/cloud/) that enables security teams to respond quickly and confidently.

Complete Visibility

ExtraHop Reveal(x) detects everything happening in your cloud environment, including unreported instances, delivering complete real time visibility at cloud scale. Know every inch of your possible attack surface, even as its contours continuously shift.

Real-Time Detection

Wire data is the most objective source of information about your environment. It can't be compromised or manipulated. By combining rule- and behavior-based analytics founded on wire data metrics, Reveal(x) delivers highly accurate threat detection with full context across your hybrid enterprise.

Intelligent Response

When we say we provide insights in real time, we mean it. The amount of time it takes between something taking place on your network and it appearing in ExtraHop Reveal(x) is literally a matter of seconds, and simple, contextualized investigation workflows enable analysts to respond quickly and with all the information they need to resolve the threat.


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With ExtraHop, we have complete L2-L7 visibility across the entire application stack, including the cloud. We can rapidly identify and troubleshoot problems within minutes.

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Manager of Geospatial Development, Singapore Land Authority

Protect Your Critical Assets in the Cloud

Cloud IaaS offers tremendous benefits for the enterprise, including scalability, flexibility, and the promise of high-performance infrastructure, but security isn't one of them. According to a recent Ixia survey, 78 percent report security or compliance as their top public cloud priority. At the same time, a 2018 study by Cybersecurity Insider found that only 16 percent of respondents believe traditional security tools are sufficient for cloud.

Line-rate decryption of TLS 1.3-encrypted traffic ensures that even encrypted threats are surfaced. Advanced behavioral analytics correlated against critical assets deliver high-fidelity alerts to cut through the noise and keep cloud security professionals focused on the threats and vulnerabilities most likely to impact the business.

With this analytics-first approach, SecOps teams can click directly into transaction details and even full packets from anywhere in the Reveal(x) interface. Rapid insight helps you act quickly and with confidence where human smarts are needed, while deep integrations allow you to automate response workflows such as deactivating rogue or compromised workloads.

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